During this sensitive time THE BLISS REPORT will give facts, opinions, provocative thought, positive vibrations and more. The courts have spoken for the verdict of a trial that has sparked emotions from many people. Thank you for locking into our blog post and coverage. Our thoughts are with the heavy heart ones. Still  through it all you should be of the activist spirit. Move in numbers  for results or fall apart going back to Life as Normal.

What side of activism will you be on? The outrage is more than just one race. Time for change? You want change? Change begins now…. Change will begin with you. Thanks for locking in with us. – 1021 Media Group

THE BLISS REPORT BLOG | BREAKING NEWS | The George Zimmerman Murder Trial has come to an end with the unanimous verdict ending in NOT GUILTY. Many people from various Walks of Life are very stunned to disappointed who were Trayvon Martin supporters  of the verdict. The jury of six women took two days of deliberation, inquiries to requests for instructions on manslaughter and complete list of evidence presented as both The Defense and The State finished their closing remarks. After the verdict, the jurors requested privacy as to not speak to the public. This is common for such a high profile case where tensions are high. Flip all logic and one juror comes forth. UPDATE:  On CNN July 16 a juror comes forth to tell of her experience in this trial with Anderson Cooper. Three of the six jurors were ready to send George Zimmerman to jail but somehow agreed to the verdict of not guilty. Quite telling and even more so as this juror who identity was shielded seemed very out of touch on how to come to a verdict without bias. As she continued to speak, hopefully it will give more of a GO for a Civil Trial. Rachel Jeantel was on CNN last night with Piers Morgan. Another telling interview. Truly CNN was giving viewers exclusive view last night.

Though the defense attorney’s for Zimmerman through interviews are urging the Martin/Fulton Family not to pursue in a indirect way, saying they will bring to light more of Trayvon’s  true character – The Martin/Fulton Family seems un-phased by the attorney’s for Zimmerman trying to get their 15 minutes of fame now that the trial is over. We even hear allegedly this juror has already struck a book deal. Not shocking at all. Update ends.

When the verdict was read, it was if time stood still for many.

The Zimmerman Family was in the courtroom to hear the verdict and The Parents of Trayvon Martin were not present in the courtroom. Reports came from the Family Attorneys The Martins – They were in a safe undisclosed location. It seems they were in decisions not to be present.  This gives way to conspiracy theorist if they were alerted of the verdict before the world was given the verdict of NOT GUILTY for Zimmerman.  This also gives way to conspiracy theorist when Zimmerman entered the courtroom where his defense team were as the presiding Judge spoke on the jurors wanting specification and instructions of Manslaughter. Zimmerman to many eye witnesses looked very relaxed as he pat the backs and shook hands of his attorneys. A very different body language of Zimmerman than before.

Very different Body Language… 

Very intense moment for all involved directly and indirectly as The World of Enthusiast waited for the verdict to be announced. After the verdict of NOT GUILTY was announced, many people have taken to their social networking accounts to express themselves. Expressions continue in Sanford Florida for Justice of Trayvon Martin and worldwide. They will continue for quite some time.  Many are outraged at Travyon the deceased being charged with aggravated assault. Devastating.  It is devastating when the facts are presented and seeming that it fell on deaf ears.  It is clear, Trayvon wasn’t the pursuer. The Quality of Life for Zimmerman will change. Free but not really free.

Healing will begin for many, some healing may never begin. Many legal experts including our own were not overwhelming sure of a conviction as deliberations began.  There were many talks of a 5 to 1 juror outcome, more for the defense than the prosecution hours before the verdict came in. Where did this information come from? Timeline inquiry. Other questions we are hearing;  Is it time for Gun Laws to change in Florida? Is it time for Laws to change if you do not listen to dispatcher and pursue someone?

After the verdict was announced, The Prosecution Team took to their Press Conference to speak.  The Press Conference was very protocol keeping a professional tone with the urgency for peace and privacy for Trayvon Martin’s Family.  The Defense Team also took to their Press Conference to speak upon the verdict and more. The Defense Team seem to take on a more arrogant tone with some tone downs for the loss of life of Trayvon Martin- yet expressing  NON GUILT for their client Zimmerman.  The Family Attorney held a Press Conference addressing the verdict and speaking on behalf of The Trayvon Martin Family and Martin’s Parents. The Media Reporting Family asked great questions to all without being on pause not to ask some provocative questions.  Very proud to be a part of this Media Reporting Family for doing so.  This is a must for such a polarizing case.

Again, for all accounts the verdict is Not Guilty on all accounts.

THE BLISS REPORT Family stayed vigilant on the scenes and behind the scenes of the loss of life of Trayvon Martin, the Trial and now the Verdict. There is much disappointment on one end for The Martin Family and much happiness for The Zimmerman Family. Emotions are high, tears fall because of disappointments coming from a Trayvon Martin Supporter perspective. Many naturally will lose faith in the Judicial System, retaliation thoughts to taunts full of hate coming from both sides will arise online to offline. This is to be expected, a reality not a fantasy.

These rush of emotions must find a way to cease. The courts have spoken. In Florida the Self-Defense Law is quite a burden for Prosecutor’s to prove without. These intricate details of State By State Laws aren’t addressed enough for understanding of those who don’t know these intricate processes. Doesn’t make anyone feel better about the verdict who is disappointed but it must be addressed. We are addressing as much as we can in this post here at THE BLISS REPORT BLOG for 1021 Magazine. We thank many of our legal team experts at 1021 Magazine for the insight.

Reactions: Nancy Grace was emotional during the verdict outcome but still had faith in the judicial system. We feel the same.  Robert Zimmerman Jr speaks vocally on the  verdict. He says his brother George Zimmerman morally has hurdles  to overcome.  Robert says he spoke for his family with thick skin to Piers Morgan on CNN. Robert says George Zimmerman will speak at some point.  Robert Zimmerman Jr maintains, his brother should have never been charged and they go forward as a family but never the same again. This is true.

More reactions we showcase on our FB Account 

Though it was Piers interview, Don Lemon of CNN asked what kind of ‘togetherness’ unquote will the Zimmerman’s try to bring to the people. Then in the same breath, Zimmerman took to the speculative point of view on Trayvon attacking his brother, his marijuana use, growing plants… yea it got weird. Plus Robert Zimmerman spoke on George mentoring two… yes two black children. Lemon maintain much poise with the speculative thought of the deceased Trayvon Martin. Phaedra Parks,  Celebrity Lawyer and Reality Star said on HLN News  panel she was shocked as verdict. Phaedra Parks says she understands the process but as a mother very disappointed and it is tragic. She went on to say, thoughts come from two separate places, knowing the jury can be unexpected.

In saying this, HEALING MUST START NOW. Though The Martin Family did not get justice in sentencing, George Zimmerman still has a cloud over him for the rest of his life. He took the LIFE of a child unarmed due to presumptuous thoughts and then some. This is factual when told not to pursue the child known as TRAYVON MARTIN.  This will never be forgotten. This is no STAND YOUR GROUND, yet HEALING MUST BEGIN NOW. As for The Trayvon Martin Family, they will have the option to seek a Civil Trial for wrongful death. This will be their call and their call alone.

SUPPORTERS: Be very proud of the way you conducted yourself through Social Media, NBA Players, Celebrities and just EVERYONE who brought more LIGHT to this tragedy, the death of Trayvon Martin. This brought about a trial. The outcome does not end at this verdict. Activism for CHANGE begins now. Be very sure emotions for Trayvon Martin continual justice crosses the Color Lines, a beautiful reality. Rallys to Protest must thrive from supporter in getting laws enacted for Trayvon and more.  This young man, Trayvon Martin lives on in namesake through positive actions and positive activism where it counts.  It is time to make ti count… The World is Watching.  This isn’t an American Tragedy, the World sees much injustice.

Time to get in the real trenches. Or is back to life as usual?  It is time to take a long honest look from within to make changes too. The Revolution is now… let it be effective with more positives and less actions that tear down. Legislation is a start and the voices are being spoke across color lines. THE BLISS is giving a broad perspective on this post, for it will be the last post speaking of the verdict in detail. Time to move past this point and move forward. Change… Change is now. Change is now.  The watch is on. 

Weeping Last For A Little While But Joy Comes In The Morning. Let HEALING BEGIN NOW… LET PEACE BEGIN WITH YOU. Let our CHARACTER SHINE with dignity and pride. Justice comes in many forms… Justice is always served seen globally or singularly. You may not see it World but if it is DUE it will be seen an felt to the one facing it. Trust in this.

Thank you for LOCKING IN with 1021 Magazine’s Official Online Blog on WordPress THE BLISS REPORT BLOG. Stay Resilient and In Positive Bliss.


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