THE BLISS REPORT |  Everything you see in this picture of KANYE WEST is the beautiful conscious opposite of the latest creation of Words to Sounds titled NEW SLAVES. Cringe down if this is you right now.  The new video was revealed  to the masses on the sides of buildings. We’re talking 66 locations around the world in a projection type of view.  With locations posted on his Official Website, dedicated fans took to the streets to ‘View Up’. 

Reactions to the latest music by Kanye is mixed with much controversial tones. Shocking… not at all.  Though lyrics gave way to deeper conversations of ‘Materialistic Sloth’ that may supersede the ‘Consciousness’ not everyone has or even checking for, it is a double-edge sword for the ‘Lyrical One’. Bringing forth Consciousness is one thing but being about it too is another. Just how much will we see a transformation if any from Kanye to be not among the NEW SLAVES? Many will look to see if he will BE ABOUT IT.

Sure we understand more than the material talk, the injustice… That is very conscious of Kanye but more than a song will bring LIGHT to HEAVY reality.

Then you have comments of Kanye trying to BREAK from the Illuminati. You can’t get around it, over it or under it. In this industry life, you knew this was coming. Oh Illuminati Conspiracy Theorist have risen from the ashes. Oh Kanye… um Thanks? Others hail Kanye as a genius for this latest offering. Many in COMMENT LAND go as far as saying  they can get with this, a welcome of the Kanye they use to dig. Words of ‘Mad Genius’, just “Mad Kanye”, “Bipolar” has crept up in mentions too. Ying and Yang. Life.

Whatever you take and walk away from with NEW SLAVES, it is safe to say many will be checking for the actions to meet the lyrics. Speak about it, Be about it. Only time will tell. Ye got us blogging, tweeting, press playing and more. Mission Accomplished. Now that the flow is dropped, ALL EYES ON YE for his exito  ( ? ) from the ‘Material Sloth’ he himself submerged in.  Time… will tell. Time… the definitive factor where truth can be found.



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