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ENGAGED! | Justin and Jen

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are engaged! THIS IS SOME ‘Blissful’ NEWS! Theroux caught our eye on a episode of ‘Sex And The City’ when Carrie took to his character’s parents more than him and his um… shortcomings. Since that time, the actor has been blazing in the films along with America’s Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston. It’s always a pleasure to dish some good news, so congrats to the couple.



Chad Johnson– Evelyn Lozada Johnson — THE BLISS REPORT — When it rains it pours.  These words of wisdom is ringing true in the latest sad state of affairs between Chad and Evelyn the ‘Media Darlings’ of  entertainment/sports.  When we say ‘Media Darlings’ it’s an age old expression in journalism/reporting. Reports began to surface of an altercation between Chad and Evelyn citing abuse over  an alleged found condom receipt. Reports are sketchy as whom the condom receipts, belong to – if true.  There have been no Official Statement given to the FACTS surrounding the buzz on my hearsay after the incident.  Therefore THE BLISS REPORT will not attest to what is true on who did what to whom first.  Reports that have surfaced, details aren’t always what they seem.

Here’s what we do know; Chad Johnson was arrested and Official Word The NFL Miami Dolphins have cut Chad Johnson from the team.  New reports are also surfacing VH-1 has pulled the plug on airing the reality show ‘Chad and Evelyn’. Celebrities have reacted to the news along with enthusiast through social media in a big way.  One thing is for sure, abuse of any nature is a serious thing. Recently Johnson’s OCNN Report has addressed the unfortunate set of events without divulging in specifics to the Miami Dolphins/VH-1 situations. As far as tweeting, both Chad and Evelyn status have been a ‘no tweet’.  On this very personal matter, truly we wish these two some kind of clarity on their next steps in the days to weeks, to months ahead. No matter how you feel about anyone, abuse, loss of career, public humiliation is nothing to glorify.



Chad Johnson will go down in NFL History as the guy who played one game  ( Preseason ) with the Miami Dolphins. Over the weekend news reports came in on an abuse charge between Chad Johnson and his wife Evelyn Lozada Johnson. With pictures surfacing of  C. Johnson’s mugshot, E. Johnson’s bloodied laceration to the forehead, media extensive coverage, social networking buzz from it all became too much.  Dolphins coach Joe Philbin made the decision after being very clear on the Codes of Conduct and the Expectations to remain a part of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. 

Picture Source: (J Pat Carter / AP)

BLISS NOTES | Maxi Priest ‘Close To You’

♫ Maxi Priest Throwback ‘Close To You’

Just what visitor’s need after a whirlwind of posts at THE BLISS REPORT. Unwind, it’s Saturday.  Thanks for visiting! Now groove mon.



DOCUMENTARY | Now Playing on VH-1  ‘Marley’, The RocDoc of the legendary Nesta Robert Marley. Yes Nesta comes before Robert.  In this first sentence alone is a ‘Rare Fact’ of  Bob Marley. For decades upon decades many people thought Marley’s  birth name was Robert Nesta Marley.  Enlightened from the Documentary, his mother Cedella Booker  gave the revelation. She named her son Nesta Robert Marley but told the first name should be second.

The reasoning behind the change? Well you will have to search online away from this post or we encourage you to watch and purchase ‘Marley’ the documentary on the life of  Bob Marley.  There are so many gems in this documentary.  You really feel the essence of Marley along with up close and personal moments that really take your breath away.  One for the most part walks away with a new found appreciation for the music. One can walk away from the documentary reflecting on the times of an era gone by. One can possibly understand more of the Rastafarian Culture, family, children, life itself, fleeting moments, life of Nesta Robert Marley. Documentary: Gripping.

The Bliss Report is linking you up to the  Official Site of Bob Marley. Truly this documentary has been long overdue. Make sure you also tune into some outtakes from the documentary with his children, producers and more. Truly, truly make sure you immerse yourself into this documentary, it is worth the moment. One love to The Marley Family and all involved for sharing these moments with the masses who want to experience ‘Marley’.


Breaking | Mitt Romney Confirms Veep

Professional Flair Online | 1021 Magazine —  Political analyst, enthusiast, watch groups had their eyes and ears open for the announcement of Mitt Romney’s choice for running mate in the 2012 Presidential Elections. Confirmations came with the VEEP being Paul Ryan (R) Wisconsin. Social Networking went into satirical flair, opinionated overdrive, trending topic triggers, truly a boost for upcoming conventions and debates.  While shouts happened,  it is way too early to say either party has a sure shot of  ‘Presidential Victory’.

Shocked were some analyst and enthusiast thinking Marc Rubio would be the likely choice.  Seems Mitt Romney shocked many people going for the less obvious choices for ‘Key Battleground States’.  Is the VEEP choice here to go for a more broader ground ( National Stage ) ? One thing is for sure, Romney has shown he’s no foregone conclusion.  Do I call it Presidential Candidate gone Rouge?  Too soon to tell but Romney Rogue sounds good to me right now.  Expect more ‘Unexpected’ as we move closer to the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention.

Bebe Davis, for THE BLISS REPORT

THE SUIT | Sir JW Jenkins AKA Young Jeezy

Here’s an ‘Entourage’ moment.  Jeezy is THE LATEST ‘Suit’.  Sir  JW Jenkins AKA Young Jeezy is named Senior Vice President of A&R at Atlantic Records. Reactions for the most part have been very positive. Best Of Jeezy

IN THE WORDS OF Sir JW Jenkins:   

From the streets to the Boardroom. SVP of A&R at Atlantic Records I am.


Andrew Bynum | Long Story Short On Trade

THE SCOPE | 1021 Magazine — Andrew Bynum has been traded by the LA Lakers for Dwight Howard.  Yes you are reading correctly.  Sing no sad songs for Bynum.  Right now out of the two he’s the ONLY one who has won  Championships.  Aside from that very fact, Bynum this past season alone has seen career highs in scoring/stats.  The positive anticipation as he takes his talents to Philly, is to continue soaring as a player. Yes, Bynum is Officially a 76ers.  There’s not much off centered about this center.  Talk has begun on how Bynum will possibly see more touches next season than Howard.

Interesting dynamics are happening for the 76ers, Lakers and yes even the Magic as they made the necessary move. According to Magic this trade will make them better in the future.  You could say the same for the 76ers and the Lakers Post Kobe era. Yea some shiver at the thought. Bynum however we look to see him take on a new level of playing, certainly we feel he is up to it.

Philadelphia 76ers… Fans we gotta ask it. What say you?


THE SCOPE | Dwight Howard Is Officially A Laker

THE BLISS REPORT |  NBA |  Dwight Howard is Officially a Laker.  However you feel is however you feel.  Howard right now is letting nothing take his joy. Sometimes we forget sport’s is not only entertainment, a lifestyle for some with no passing fad moments in sight but it is also a business.  In life we always hear ‘change’ is good.  This is one of those wait and see moments. Doesn’t get any realer than this.

Laker Nation, tell us how you feel right now?

THE SCOPE at The Bliss Report

THE BLISS REPORT | Reporting On Fareed Zakaria

Where’s COPYSCAPE when you need them? If not connected to them, there is always News Busters. Lock in for the latest on Fareed Zakaria.  Link up for News Busters and let us say, this plagarism was too easy to go unnoticed. 



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